Intuitive installation scripts and web-based interfaces make our Trove-based DBaaS platform easy to install and manage.

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Support for popular databases including MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB on your preferred OpenStack distribution.

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Extensive testing and 24×7 support plus regular updates and critical patches for urgent issues help you sleep better at night.

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Why Tesora DBaaS?

Here are five reasons why you should consider Tesora’s Database as a Service Platform for your OpenStack DBaaS needs:


Easier to Use and Deploy

This includes adding intuitive installation scripts and packages that make Tesora’s Trove easier to configure and manage.

More Thorough Testing Means Increased Reliability

Tesora DBaaS Platform is certified with major OpenStack distributions and databases.

From the #1 Contributor to OpenStack Trove Project

Our engineering team is intimately involved in the OpenStack Trove community.

World Class Support

You can have the confidence of knowing that Tesora team is here to help you keep your DBaaS up and running.

Access to More Trove Features

OpenStack Icehouse users gain access to all Trove functionality introduced in the Juno release along with early access to new features in the upcoming Kilo release.

Want to see Tesora DBaaS now?

OpenStack Trove Users

eBay software engineers share how they configured their OpenStack cloud which serves for all eBay developers. They also explain how they deployed OpenStack Trove to offer database as a service.