Short Stack: Is Rackspace going private?, OpenStack enterprise adoption and CERN contributes to OpenStack

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Here we go with this week's links:

Source: Rackspace Wants To Take Itself Private | TechCrunch

Since Rackspace reportedly hired Morgan Stanley in May to consider its options, we have heard a slew of rumors about which company would be buying them. Now comes a new one: They will follow Dell and go private.

Rackspace Cloud User CERN Contributes Code to OpenStack | Data Center Knowledge

CERN has contributed code to OpenStack. And no, the code won't let you set up your own Large Haldron Collider. Instead it's rather mundane, but useful federation of identities in multiple cloud scenarios. It basically allows single sign-on in a case where an OpenStack user has to cross multiple OpenStack cloud services.

OpenStack Sees Widespread Enterprise Adoption | Enterprise Tech

A long-time observer of OpenStack saw a significant shift at this year's OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. Instead of asking about the viability of OpenStack, people had pretty much accepted that. The conversation has shifted to more operational questions about how to use OpenStack.

OpenStack chair: Linux at the cutting edge of the cloud | Network World

Using open source in general makes companies more agile, lending to faster development cycles, or so says the chairman of OpenStack. Speaking at the Linux Enterprise End-User Summit last week in New York, he emphasized the upside of using open source tools including faster development cycles, collaboration and a community of helpers.

OpenStack Integration in the Works for Cray Supercomputers | Data Center Knowledge

The super computer maker, Cray is the latest OpenStack corporate sponsor, announcing it had joined the fray last week. Cray has promised to be a contributor to the project, and as such will be offering cloud products and services built around OpenStack.