Short Stack: VMware embraces OpenStack, HP doesn't want Rackspace either and top automaker chooses OpenStack

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Here we go with this week's links:

VMware: OpenStack, Docker, Open Compute Project support announced | CITEworld

VMware announced support for OpenStack and Docker this week. OpenStack is probably just another operating system in VMware's eyes, but Docker is a VMware killer. I guess they decided sleeping with the enemy was the way to go here.

HP Is Still Not Buying Rackspace | Re/code

Nobody seems to want to buy poor Rackspace. HP shot down a recent rumor that it wanted to buy the beleaguered company. HP has made strong moves into OpenStack this year, releasing a slew of products, and it would make sense to buy Rackspace, but apparently they don't see a fit for some reason.

Rackspace doubles down on the managed cloud and VMware | TechRepublic

Meanwhile Rackspace keeps pulling levers and pushing buttons and this week came news that the company which had previously announced it was getting out of the infrastructure as a service business and moving to a so-called managed cloud, also appear to be hitching its wagon to VMware, which is an interesting strategy given VMware is under a lot of competitive pressure itself.

Why a Top Automaker Adopted OpenStack | Superuser

Why would a major car maker choose OpenStack? It needs to build a private cloud to process massive amounts of telematics data it's been collecting and OpenStack seemed like the perfect choice. Seems every week, we have another story of OpenStack adoption as it plants itself firmly in the mainstream.

Dogs and Cats Living Together?! Eucalyptus and OpenStack | CSC Engage

Of all the strange announcements we've heard about companies supporting OpenStack, none is stranger than the case of Eucalyptus, until recently a huge critic of OpenStack, suddenly deciding to be an OpenStack contributor. Is it recognition of the power of the platform or another case of keeping your enemies close?