Trove Day is an annual event where the community meets to explore and share the latest developments in the OpenStack database as a service project.

Tesora was proud to organize the first Trove Day in August of 2014 in Cambridge, MA.  Over 140 people attended the event that included talks from business who are embracing Trove like eBay and HP as well as members of the community intimately involved in developing the platform.

Trove Day 2015 took place on August 25, 2015 in Silicon Valley. Stay tuned to this page for videos and other content from the event.

Trove Day News

OpenStack vs. Hybrid vs. AWS : What Does This Mean for Databases in the Cloud?

Jonathan Bryce (OpenStack Foundation) moderates Trove Day 2015’s final panel discussion featuring Anni Lai (Huawei), Andre Bearfield (IBM- Blue Box), Vino Alex (Wipro Technologies), and Frank Rego (SUSE Linux).

Transcript of Session: 

Jonathan: We have a number of panelists here form several different companies who all have different takes and different positions in the OpenStack ecosystem .I think it’s going to be […]

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Supporting a Multi-Database Environment

Jean Bozman (Director of Infrastructure Research, Neuralytix) moderates a panel discussion on multi-database environments with panelists Bryan Reinero (MongoDB), Brad Topol (IBM), Justin Michaels (Couchbase), and Matt Lord (Oracle) participating.

Transcript of Session:

Jean:      My name is Jean Bozman. I’m the director of infrastructure and research at Neuralytix, which is a market research firm. Truth is, I actually know some of these […]

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Ask the Experts Open Mic

Amrith Kumar, Founder and CTO of Tesora, moderates an open mic with the OpenStack Trove community.

Transcript of Session: 

Amrith:  I’m going start with just some quick introductions. We’ll start maybe with, we have Craig here. We have Ashleigh next to him. We have Pete MacKinnon, Peter Stachowski, and Ishita. I hope I probnouced your name right. Craig’s with HP. Ashleigh is […]

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The State of Trove

Our founder and CEO, Ken Rugg, presents his findings on the state of OpenStack Trove at Trove Day 2015. He comments on the growth of Database as a Service (DBaaS), why more people are turning to Trove as a solution, and shares early findings from Tesora’s survey on the adoption of DBaaS in the enterprise.

Transcript of Session: 

Ken:        I’m going to drill in a […]

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Powering the Cisco Intercloud Service Using OpenStack Trove

This video features Dave Lively of Cisco’s Intercloud business unit at Trove Day 2015, sharing his view of the public and private clouds options available today. He also shares that Cisco’s cloud model is based on OpenStack while using Trove for database as a service.

Transcript of Session: 

Ken:  I’m really excited to have our next speaker. I think everyone should get […]

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Trove Day 2015

It was great meeting everyone last week at OpenStack Trove Day. I hope you had a fun time and left as excited as I am about the future of Database as a Service on OpenStack.
September 3, 2015|

Save the Date for OpenStack Trove Day 2015

Save the date for this year’s OpenStack Trove Day, which will be on Tuesday, August 25th in Silicon Valley. We are working on all the details, so stay tuned for more information! In the interim, please check out the video from last year or contact us to learn more.

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OpenStack Trove Day: Hadoop on OpenStack

Matthew Farrellee, an engineer and manager in the Office of the CTO at Red Hat presents Sahara, the Hadoop project on OpenStack. As Farrellee says, "now for something completely different..." The Hadoop project focuses on data, specifically unstructured data and tools that are simple to use for the people processing the data. It's a joint project between Red Hat, Mirantis and Horton Works.


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OpenStack Trove Day: An Investor’s View

Donald Fischer, General Catalyst Venture Partner, takes a step back to look at OpenStack from the investor's point of view. He could have named his talk, the billion-dollar ecosystem, since that's the value of the 400+ companies developing and using OpenStack. In addition, companies like HP and Cisco announced billion dollar initiatives in cloud services with OpenStack at the core. As a veteran of Red Hat in the late 90s, Fischer sees many similarities between the enterprise adoption curve of Linux with OpenStack.


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Managing MongoDB, Riak, MariaDB and Oracle on Trove – An OpenStack Trove Day Panel Discussion

Managing MongoDB, Riak, MariaDB & Oracle on Trove — An OpenStack Trove Day Panel Discussion from Tesora on Vimeo.

Founder and CTO Amrith Kumar moderates a panel discussion with a group of industry veterans on how different databases fit within Trove. He’s joined by Ronen Kofman, the director of product management, Oracle Virtualization and OpenStack; Kelly […]

October 6, 2014|Tags: , |
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