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What’s New in Database as a Service?

Two separate announcements point to the growing popularity of database as a service (DBaaS).

Google recently announced the general availability of three database services on its public cloud, which include:

The second generation of Cloud SQL, its managed database service
Cloud Datastore, its NoSQL document database
Cloud Bigtable, its NoSQL database service that powers products like […]

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Gartner Market Guide for Database as a Service Hits the Bullseye

Gartner just published its Market Guide for Database Platform as a Service, which affirms our experience in today’s market. The report states, “The database-platform-as-a-service market continues gaining momentum, driven by maturing products, reports of major resource savings, increased product choice and a general acceptance of the cloud.”

Further, it recommends that “CIOs and data and analytics […]

OpenStack Growth – By the Numbers and In Real Life

It’s one thing to look at projections for growth of OpenStack based on research and surveys and it’s something else to see it in real life.

First, let’s review the projections, which are impressive. 451 Research projects total OpenStack-related revenue of about $1.7 billion this year. They also estimate that this number will double over the […]

Why We Got Involved with OpenStack Days East

The first-ever OpenStack Days East event is coming to New York City on August 23-24, which our company and yours truly have been organizing, along with GigaSpaces and our steering committee that includes representatives from the east coast OpenStack Meetups.

It’s a big undertaking, let me tell you, and takes months of advance work to make […]

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And you probably thought AWS could do it all

At Tesora, we are OpenStack bigots and when it comes to Database as a Service (DBaaS), there are good reasons for selecting OpenStack versus the ever-popular, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our CEO, Ken Rugg, wrote this article for Data Center Knowledge about “Seven Things OpenStack DBaaS Can Do that AWS Cannot”. Ken acknowledges the Amazon DBaaS […]

Predictions for OpenStack, Cloud, Databases in 2016

Our CEO, Ken Rugg, made eight predictions for OpenStack and Cloud in 2016 in this article posted at VMBlog.

You might want to check them out because Ken was nearly perfect on his prognostications from a year ago. Of those, only one was way off – that Docker would prematurely enter the “Trough of Disillusionment”. Not […]

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