Provision and manage both SQL and NoSQL databases – all from a single console using Database as a Service

Tesora Database as a Service (DBaaS) platform is an enterprise-hardened version of OpenStack Trove, the native database service for OpenStack. This highly scalable, open and secure database as a service software offers you support for the databases your users are looking for along with the agility they demand today.


Tesora Database as a Service (DBaaS) Benefits:

  • Reduces time to market for new applications by empowering developers with self-service database provisioning and management.
  • Improves applications by allowing developers to choose the best tool for the job from popular open source and commercial databases.
  • Increases IT productivity by managing diverse databases types in a consistent way while still leveraging the best native capabilities of each.
  • Ensures compliance with stringent corporate governance standards and regional regulations for privacy, security and data sovereignty.

  • Maximizes resource utilization by spinning up or down databases quickly to facilitate peak production loads or Dev/Test needs.

Tesora DBaaS Platform Highlights

Self-Service Databases, Today

Add database as a service to your OpenStack cloud in less than one hour with no configuration hassles or custom coding required.

On-Demand Provisioning

For up to 16 different relational and non-relational databases including Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, PostrgreSQL, and many more.

Automated Backup and Restore, Replicas

Everything you need to manage on-demand databases including a unified management console, RESTful APIs, backup, and replication.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Additional policy–driven features ensure that your private data in your cloud databases remains secure and protected.


Meet high-availability requirements with clustering support for MySQL, DataStax Enterprise, Cassandra, and Couchbase databases.

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