Database as a service is already a big deal in the public cloud. Amazon’s RDS, DynamoDB and Redshift are some of the most rapidly growing services in Amazon’s rapidly growing portfolio. Other players like Rackspace, HP and Salesforce also have strong offerings in this space.

Gartner recently reported that the public cloud continues to grow with a projected 5 year CAGR of 17% and that Database Management Systems are the number one area of growth within that, with an amazing 5 year CAGR of 39.8%.

At the same time, private cloud capabilities are expanding rapidly. IT organizations are seeking to provide the same self-service experience that their users can now get in the public cloud. Basic compute and storage services are becoming commonplace, but database services are still just emerging in the private cloud.

We believe this has to change and would like your input to help shape the evolution of database capabilities for the private cloud.

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