eBay Inc. is a global commerce platform and payments leader dedicated to empowering consumers to buy and sell anything, anywhere, anytime. eBay has shared infrastructure and a multi-tenant environment to support its subsidiaries. Each business unit has its own environment and sub-environments.  They also need access to the internal eBay cloud along with databases on demand so developers can test new ideas, build new applications and bring products to market as fast as possible.


eBay uses OpenStack Trove to provide Database as a Service in their private cloud. This Trove initiative began in mid-2013 with the simple goal of providing databases at the click of a button. eBay started by deploying Trove to a single region to gain experience before rolling out to other regions. Using native APIs, eBay also integrated OpenStack’s dashboards with their web-based management consoles.ebaylogo

eBay’s OpenStack-based private cloud hosts the company’s customer-facing applications and the platforms that its developers use. Today, 95% of eBay marketplace traffic is powered by their private cloud. This cloud runs and looks like a public cloud with one cloud for all tenants.

Today, OpenStack Trove is deployed in high availability mode in multiple regions. Developers can provision and manage databases on demand while choosing from six different database technologies, enabling developer agility and operational efficiency.

The eBay Trove team has grown substantially, with all members being active technical contributors to the OpenStack project.


Managing multiple databases in the eBay cloud infrastructure can be difficult, but with the deployment of OpenStack Trove, its developers can choose from a wide variety of databases on demand, improving developer agility. Overall, eBay has seen success with their OpenStack Trove adoption and continuously aims to improve its capabilities.