It’s one thing to look at projections for growth of OpenStack based on research and surveys and it’s something else to see it in real life.

First, let’s review the projections, which are impressive. 451 Research projects total OpenStack-related revenue of about $1.7 billion this year. They also estimate that this number will double over the next two years to nearly $3.4 billion. The report expands on this bullish view:

“We expect an uptick in revenue from all sectors, especially from OpenStack products and distributions that are primarily targeting enterprises. Today, category leaders in most enterprise verticals are relying on OpenStack private clouds for production and mission-critical applications and services along with a growing number of vendors providing OpenStack software and support in various business models.”

That summary is aligned with everything we are seeing in the market.

Now, let’s turn to some real-life experience drawing on the recent OpenStack East event in New York City that drew more than 500 people. The event featured presentations about large scale OpenStack deployments at Bloomberg (supporting 4,700 developers), Comcast (20,000 virtual servers), NetApp (75,000 virtual servers), PayPal (10,000 physical servers) and Walmart (3,000 applications). This PC Magazine article describes “the cult of OpenStack converging in New York City” for the event with information about the Comcast and Walmart implementations.

It’s apparent that OpenStack is sprouting in many places and its growth is very real by any measure.


Image Credit: “Sprouts” by Kim Knoch under Creative Commons.