Trove Architectural Components

The OpenStack Trove service is managed through the OpenStack Trove Controller. The components of the OpenStack Trove Controller are:

  • OpenStack Trove API Service
  • OpenStack Trove Task Manager
  • OpenStack Trove Conductor

The components of OpenStack Trove communicate over a message bus, and can be run on different servers. Many cloud solutions today rely on proprietary architectures. OpenStack Trove, by contrast, is an open source solution with an open architecture designed for Database as a Service (DBaaS). OpenStack Trove’s purpose is to provide scalable and reliable cloud DBaaS provisioning for both relational and non-relational databases. Databases are provisioned by OpenStack Trove using Trove Guest Images. Once a database is provisioned, further actions on the database are handled through the OpenStack Trove Guest agent.

The architecture of OpenStack Trove is evolving.

OpenStack Architecture for Trove

OpenStack Architecture Trove Diagram