Yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon of presentations and converation about OpenStack at Percona Live 2014.

A quick introduciton by Peter Zaitsev was followed by an overview by Florian Haas of Hastexo. He crammed his presentation full of fun facts including how close the ties were between OpenStack and the database community. Did you know that OpenStack owes a lot of its development practices to Drizzle? We are all going to be sharing our presentations and I’ll update this post with pointers to the presentations by others.

Jay Pipes and Jay Janssen had very detailed presentations about how to run OpenStack and how to configure MySQL under OpenStack. Jay Janssen’s presentation also went into details of how Percona’s XtraDB Cluster worked. Even if you don’t care about OpenStack, this is a very good set of presentations to review.

My own presentation is at, and after my presentation we heard from Sandro Mazziotta on the Challenges of deploying OpenStack in production.

On the whole a wonderful afternoon, and at times a somewhat “lively” discussion. Those who were in the room know what I’m talking about 😉

My thanks to Peter Zaitsev, Vadim Tkachenko, Terry Erisman, and Matt Griffin of Percona for organizing this event. I’m hoping the good turnout means that in future Percona Live events, OpenStack will get a more central placement on the agenda.