Our CEO, Ken Rugg, made eight predictions for OpenStack and Cloud in 2016 in this article posted at VMBlog.

You might want to check them out because Ken was nearly perfect on his prognostications from a year ago. Of those, only one was way off – that Docker would prematurely enter the “Trough of Disillusionment”. Not one to back off, Ken makes that prediction again for the year ahead saying, “I’m a big Docker fan, but I’m going to keep making this prediction until I get it right … it’s only a matter of time.”

Let’s see if Ken was just lucky with his predictions a year ago, or if he has wizardly powers to see the future. Time will tell, but from my experience, Ken has terrific insight so I’m inclined to be a believer in his view of how things are shaping up for the year to come.

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