Tesora Enterprise Edition Annual Pricing 1

Nodes 1-100 Nodes 101-500 Nodes 501-1,000 Nodes 1,000+


per node


per node


per node


per node

Guest Images 2

Open Source Community Databases 3 Commercial Databases 4
Included Included


Critical issues Non-Critical issues Updates & Patches
24×7 11×5 Included

1 A “node” is a provisioned instance of a database server including:

  • Database instances in virtual machines or containers provisioned by OpenStack
  • Pre-previsioned instances that are being managed by Trove
  • Replicas provisioned for availability or read-scaling

2 Guest Images built on Red Hat Linux incur an additional license fees: $60 per node for up to 1,000 nodes, $45 per node for 1,000+ nodes.

3 Open Source Community Databases: MySQL Community, MariaDB Community, Cassandra Community, Datastax Community, MongoDB Community, Percona, Couchbase, PostgreSQL, Redis, DB2 Express

4 You must provide your own database software licenses for commercial databases (Couchbase Enterprise, Datastax Enterprise, EDB PostgreSQL Enterprise, MariaDB Enterprise, MySQL Enterprise, MongoDB Enterprise and Oracle)

Cloud Service Provider and Managed Service Provider pricing is available. Please contact us for details.