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Here we go with this week’s links:

Many companies are drawn to OpenStack for its free open source tools and the benefits it provides.  However, adopters should take caution when deploying OpenStack.  Read these 10 guidelines to ensure realistic expectations when using OpenStack.
As OpenStack continues to grow and gain traction, people are now asking where and how to run it.  Several companies are responding by offering different OpenStack solutions for improving maintenance, management, upgrades, and other user scenarios.
Looking Ahead to Kilo | Tesora Blog
Contributors to the OpenStack Trove project are meeting this February to review the progress made in Kilo thus far and discuss the significant new features that will be available in this release.  Features include bug fixes, new capabilities, improved usability, and an improved testing process.
OpenStack community evangelists come together on this panel discussion to cover several topics that any new OpenStack user group leader would want to know.  Learn how to start and grow a user group in a local geographic community with this excellent advice.
Discussions show that customers are looking for a solid foundation in which the cloud technologies they choose are supported by a robust, yet flexible ecosystem.  Specifically, they want Cloud Foundry PaaS, OpenStack technology, Docker containers, and a hybrid cloud environment.