When we started ParElastic (Now, Tesora), the vision was that people would fundamentally change the way in which they consumed database resources. The conventional way has been to purchase a server and purchase or install some software, configure it and produce a database server. And if one wanted different database management technologies, there would be different servers that one would operate.

We believed that the cloud would drive the consumption model for databases (both relational and non-relational) closer to the “-as-a-Service” paradigm, where database capacity would be provisioned and consumed more like a utility.

We have already seen some steps in that direction. You can already consume those services in the Amazon cloud and they work completely transparently with existing services like Elastic Beanstalk, giving you a truly transparent and elastic MySQL database. And our own technology, the Database Virtualization Engine will be an important aspect of that future, allowing a single database to scale horizontally.

For us, the next step has been partnering with OpenStack to actively contribute to the Trove project. We believe that the success of OpenStack and the Trove project will take Database-as-a-Service to the next level in the context of the private cloud. We are working actively on some blueprints that are targeted for delivery in the IceHouse timeframe and over time we will be devoting more development effort to the Trove project as a whole.

Our existing technology, the Database Virtualization Engine will be one aspect of our contribution to OpenStack. The product can be used today with MySQL database instances in an OpenStack deployment and in future releases we will have a tighter integration that will provide transparent elastic scalability for relational databases through Trove.

We are very excited to be part of OpenStack and look forward to working with the Trove team in person in a couple of weeks in Austin!