10 Things You Should Know about DBaaS on OpenStack

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Trove is the database as a service component of OpenStack that lets administrators and DevOps professionals manage multiple instances of different database management systems (DBMS) using a common infrastructure.



The State of Database as a Service

Read the 451 Group’s analysis of the full survey results

The growing importance of DBaaS in shaping the database landscape is highlighted by the results of 451 Research’s Database-as-a-Service Survey of over 200 North American mid-market and enterprise database managers and executives.



Seven things that OpenStack DBaaS can do but AWS cannot

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There is no denying the success of AWS in delivering data services in the public cloud, but there are some situations where other options, in particular those based on OpenStack, can provide clear advantages. This ebook will show you seven of those situations.


Tesora 7 things OpenStack DBaaS can do that AWS cannot

Top Database as a Service Solutions for 2017

There are so many different solutions and finding the right one for you can be difficult. We’ve made it easier for you by compiling a table that includes many of the solutions and what they have to offer.


The Future of Databases in the Cloud

Five ways that OpenStack Trove will change how enterprises manage databases

Enterprise IT faces challenges like never before: provide services, be more agile, and lower operating costs while guaranteeing invulnerability to security breaches. DBaaS using OpenStack Trove offers IT an opportunity to deliver increased database choice while improving both agility and security.


Getting Started with Database as a Service on OpenStack

The next big technology breakthrough in the cloud

The OpenStack approach to database as a service (OpenStack Trove) is turning database management on its head. Instead of managing an individual instance of a DBMS, you’ll be able to manage many instances of a variety of different DBMS technology all utilizing common infrastructure in an economical way. Read this white paper to learn why you should consider deploying a DBaaS Platform in your organization.


Database Usage in the Private and Public Cloud

Tesora commissioned a survey of North American developer communities to better understand the database choices they are making, and their preferences and expectations going forward. The survey had more 500 respondents, with 40% from organizations with more than 1,000 employees.


Datasheet: Tesora Database as a Service Platform

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Tesora Database as a Service (DBaaS) Platform is highly scalable, open and secure software that offers support for the databases your users are looking for along with the agility they demand today.


Tesora DBaaS Datasheet